Read about the process of moving to Spain and how different times of the year could lend themselves to a smoother transition.

Moving to Spain is a great idea if you fancy a life full of out-door living, warm weather, beautiful scenery and an extremely friendly culture. But when is the best time to move to Spain? Moving house is stressful enough as it is, without moving during a season that only adds to your pile. Here are our top tips to ensure you move to Spain during the best time of year for your needs:

Give The Kids Time To Adjust

Students start school mid August in Spain, with school holidays starting in May. If you are moving with children it makes sense to start well in advance of when the school year begins to give your child time to acclimatise. Ideally, moving before the teachers have left for their own breaks is useful so that you can all have a tour of the school before it closes for summer.

Make The Most Of Being Without Kids

If you don’t have kids you are less bound by holidays and term times, so make the most of your freedom. Move during a time when it is quiet and flights are less booked up so you do not have to move combined with the stress of what feels like the UK’s worth of holiday makers clogging up the transport system and making any logistics more difficult. You will find your move a lot easier if you don’t have the heavy traffic and business associated with peak holiday season in Spain.

Avoid UK Moving Service Spikes

During the summer months in the UK it is peak home-selling season. For this reason, it is not the best season to move if you can help it. You may find all kinds of services are booked right up because everybody else is moving house too. If you have to move in summer, try to book any services you need, including transport and professional moving services, well in advance.

Skip Public Holidays Local To Your New Home

Spain has its own public holidays, just like the UK, and it makes sense to move when your new local area does not have a public holiday. You don’t want to move across only to have to struggle with nothing being open, including estate agents or utility services. You can find information about National Spanish holidays here, but do check your new local area for any events specific to that location.

Moving to Spain is a major life event, and it really does make sense to move at the best time of year to suit your needs. Do your research and book your house move when it supports the least stressful relocation for your family. Before long, you’ll be in Spain enjoying an incredible new life, making memories with those you love the most.

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