Read about some ways to find good accommodation when you are thinking of moving to the UK to help your international relocation run as smoothly as possible.

Despite various challenges facing the UK at the moment, it is still an extremely desirable place to live and if you’re looking to relocate here, it is likely you think that too. If you are planning on moving to the green pastures of the UK, one of the most important parts of your move is going to be finding somewhere to live.

Where you base yourself will have a huge impact on the success of your relocation, so it is important that you get it right. Take a look at our handy tips to help you understand some of your options for finding accommodation in the UK:

Speak To Friends And Relatives

Your best tool in your search for accommodation in the UK is friends, relatives and colleagues who are already based here or have previously lived here. Ask them for advice on good areas to live or rope them into the search for you so that they can attend viewings and be your ‘man on the ground’.

Private Rental Listings

It is extremely important that you are cautious when it comes to private rentals. You should check any private rental listing carefully to ensure your rights are always protected. On the plus side though, lots of these listings can bring amazing opportunities for property rentals that aren’t available on the main property search sites such as RightMove and Zoopla. Rooms for rent, house shares and other types of accommodation are also listed so, it can be a great resource as long as you are cautious.

Agency Listings

The main problem with agencies is that they have many pre-requisites before you can rent a property. One requirement can be that you have to view the property in person first, which may not be possible (though probably desirable). That aside, they may require that you have a job or full-time education in place, proof of income or rent upfront, references from landlords and a UK bank account. If you are willing to provide the documentation then agencies can be a good choice.

Location Matters

It may seem like London is the best option for your move but it involves the most expensive rental fees and cost of living. Unless you really do need to live in London for career or educational reasons, look at commutable cities and cheaper suburbs. For students considering a UK university there are plenty of excellent universities across the country, many better than the London universities. Considering where you should move should be a well-thought out decision because it will directly impact your accommodation opportunities. You can read about the top 50 places to live in the UK here.

When you are researching accommodation in the UK do be open minded whilst also exercising plenty of caution. Your new home doesn’t need to be the perfect choice, but it does need to be a good base in which to start your new life in the UK. Once you have a base here you can start an amazing new period of your life in this wonderful country.

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