Find out about living in the UK to ensure your international relocation plans run as smoothly as possible.

If you are thinking of moving to the UK you probably have several avenues of research you are pursuing in order to get a clear idea of what living in this beautiful country is like. The more informed your decision is, the more informed your move will be and the more likely it is to be successful, because you will know what to expect.

One of the main aspects of moving to the UK is the cost of living. The cost of living varies depending on where you want to move, so you may need to do specific research into the area you are interested in.

London Is Expensive

If you choose to live in London you are choosing to pay for residency in one of the most expensive cities in the whole of the UK. The rent, the overall cost of food and drinks, transport and life in general is higher so be prepared for that if you truly need to live in London or you simply want to experience life in the metropolis.

Rent A Room Or A Whole House?

In the UK statistics tell us the cheapest place to rent a home is Dundee, whereas London, not surprisingly is the most expensive. There are many areas with nice properties for less if you’re not renting in major a city. Renting just a room in a shared house is a really good choice if you are a student or just want simple accommodation and don’t have too many personal possessions.

If, however, you are bringing your family to the UK, it makes sense to rent a private house or apartment, but remember if you look in the suburbs away from the city (but with good transport links) you will get a better quality property for less than a city-centre location. You may also find the schools are better further from the centre. For instance the ACS International Schools in Cobham and Egham in Surrey and at Hillingdon in outer London.


It makes sense to use public transport in UK cities to avoid congested traffic and parking problems but if you choose a new home in a smaller town or rural location you are likely to need a car. If you do use a car, there are systems called park and ride in many cities where you park on the outskirts and then use a bus, tram or train to journey to the city centre. The cost of petrol, transport and parking varies hugely between locations.

The information given above will just give you a small taste of life in the UK. To truly understand living in the UK you should thoroughly research a certain area. If possible visit for a trip prior to your international relocation to develop a full understanding of what is on offer locally in terms of homes, schools, shopping and leisure amenities.

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