Home ownership is at 78% in Spain, higher than many European countries and thanks, in part, to the huge amount of expats enjoying the country. However, renting or letting is still a great option, especially if you’re not sure where you want to live in Spain, or if you even want to stay their permanently at all. Here are our top tips for renting or letting in Spain:

Is There A Shortage Of Long-Term Lets In Spain?

As with any popular tourist spot, short-term lets often dominate the market and are not affordable for long-term living. There are long-term lets to be found though, but they aren’t commonly advertised. You will want to ask about rentals at the local estate agents, and expect the majority of rentals to be around the cities.

Can You Rent Cheaply In Spain?

You can rent cheaply in Spain if you aren’t too picky about the area you want to live in. Main tourism areas like the Costa Del Sol have elevated prices, and the main cities also have elevated rental prices, even though there are rental properties in more abundance. Unfortunately the cheaper places to rent are more rural and so the compromise is being willing to drive to amenities and any sort of populated area.

Of course there are properties that will be within your budget and area, but you’re much better off being in Spain in person to view and get a contract as and when you need to, otherwise you are likely to miss out.

Are Rental Properties In Spain Mainly Furnished Or Unfurnished?

Even if you do plan to get all your things moved across by a professional international moving company eventually, it is nice to have a furnished rental for a trial period, something many people do before permanently moving to Spain. Just like the UK you can find both furnished and unfurnished places to rent in Spain.

Are My Legal Rights The Same As In The UK?

It is so important to check the small print on your contract so you know you are protected legally. Specifically, check the state of the property you are renting before taking on a contract as disputes about property maintenance can be difficult.

What Is Included In The Rent?

Waste collection, pool maintenance and ground costs might not be covered by the rent so do check in advance what is included. All contracts are different and might be negotiable, but knowing what yours includes enables you to understand exactly how much your living costs will be month to month.

Can You Rent In Spain Without A Job?

You can, as long as you can prove that you can pay your rent for the duration of your contract.

What Kind Of Documentation Is Needed For Renting In Spain?

You have to be able to prove that you are a Spanish resident and you have to prove you can pay all the costs of living. You might need to show details of tax if you do have a job and also allow the agency to check the details of your employment if that is how you want to prove you can pay the rent.

Renting in Spain is a great idea to see if you really do want to move to the country permanently or not. Although it can seem like a wonderful idea at first, the reality of Spanish living can prove to be too much for some people. Renting for a short time before buying means you can try the lifestyle out without completely leaving your life in the UK behind. At the very least you get a fun extended holiday in Spain, and at most, it shows you that moving to Spain is definitely a great choice for your family.

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