There are over 22,000 British expats in Portugal at the moment, dispersed across the beautiful country enjoying the many benefits on offer in this year-round sunny climate.

If you are considering a move to Portugal for a better quality of life you may wonder where the best place is to move to, after all there are many different parts of the country, all different and wonderful in their own special ways. Here’s a brief overview of the different places you can live in Portugal to help you on your journey to relocating:

Cities in Portugal

Lisbon is a beautiful city complete with the coast, city and easy proximity to the airport. Based on the Southwestern Coast the climate doesn’t get too blistering and there is always something for you to do because of the size of the place.

Chaves is in North Portugal and lies close to the Spanish border. It is more rural than other locations and very friendly, with a warmer climate all year round and lots of history too.

Porto is a city in North West Portugal and has an airport, river and lots of history. It is more rainy than other areas of Portugal but there is a lot of development here, especially in seafront locations.

Braga is a city in North Portugal known for being very relaxed and tranquil. It is known to be good for expats looking for properties complete with plots of land.

Aveiro sits in the middle of Portugal and is within easy reach of either side of the coast. It is a bustling, modern city for expats looking to feel as though they are in the thick of the hub of the country.

Coimbra sits in the middle of Portugal and is known for its excellent university. Lots of expats live in Coimbra and there are lots of lovely renovation projects available here in the way of property.

Setubal is in South West Portugal and is quite the tourist trap. Property prices are higher in Setubal than in other areas.

Areas of Portugal

As well as the various cities in Portugal, there are different areas to consider too. Western & Central Algarve sits between Faro and Sagres and is absolutely stunning on the coast. It does attract many tourists, but a lot of it remains fairly rural too and there are still secret beaches the locals access. Albufeira is the main resort within this area and is where you will find the most things to do, and the most expats to make friends with.

The Central Algarve is also very lively and there are lots of friendly areas within it, with gorgeous beaches and districts such as Faro. Again, there are lots of tourists who visit but, that isn’t such a bad thing if you want to feel as though you’re in the midst of people and society, as opposed to the solitary day to day life of rural living.

Eastern Algarve is the quietest section of the area and you will find that it is a lot more tranquil and laid back than other areas. It is being developed though and could be a good investment choice if you’re looking to invest in the future of an up and coming location.

The above are just some of the main locations expats move to in Portugal. The best thing to do is visit a few times and explore different areas. You will find some areas suit you more than others, some as potential places to live, others as places you wouldn’t mind being close to. With so many gorgeous beaches, bustling cities and welcoming communities, you’re bound to find the perfect place to live in the beautiful country of Portugal.

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