Find out how to prepare for moving back to the UK after changing your European retirement plans.

In Britain, you are brought up to be extremely polite, to the point where many English people apologise for absolutely everything. A person may almost bump into you and they will apologise, and likely expect you to do the same. The onus is on avoiding inconveniencing anybody else in any way, which can be tough to get used to because it appears over the top, even to the most polite visitor.

Many retired British pensioners may consider returning home and moving back to the UK, at some point Lots of people choose to move abroad from the UK for retirement. 69% of those who move to Europe from the UK live in Spain, France or Germany and 26% of those who relocate are aged 65 and over. Who doesn’t dream of a later life in the sunshine, chatting with friends and enjoying incredible scenery? However, the dream isn’t always what it seems to be, and it doesn’t always live up to what you imagined. In some cases, it does live up to what you expected but you miss grandchildren enough to want to give it up.

Perhaps you have been hit with some health news that makes you want to move back to the UK to be with your family. Maybe you simply miss the UK and you just want to come home. Whatever your reason for changing your retirement plans, there are a few things you need to get in line before moving home. To help you relocate back to England for your retirement, here are 3 helpful and handy tips:

1. Is Moving Back To The UK Allowed?

If you are a legal British National you can return back to the UK on a permanent basis but you may not be eligible for certain services straight away. You will need some financial support to keep you going for a while. It makes sense to speak to a financial advisor or an accountant with experience helping people relocate back to the UK. You’ll want to align things like taxes, pensions, income, assets and other important factors to make sure you’re not in a worse financial position when you move back, or if you are, you’ve taken the decision to accept that.

2. Organising Care

If you are moving back to the UK because you need care, it is a really good idea to move back home first and then arrange care once you are in the UK. If you can move in with family and set up some temporary private live-in or visiting care that will be beneficial. If you are going to need social care funded or part-funded by the government you need to prove you are settled in a certain part of the UK. This will be something difficult to prove if you try and arrange it from abroad. You may also struggle to get an assessment when you aren’t present in person.

3. Selling Up

If you are moving into a care home in the UK, or you plan on staying with family, you should speak to a professional about what to do with your foreign property. It could be worth keeping it for rental income, but it depends if you are able to continue to manage it. It also depends if you need the equity for care. There are lots of options and it is worth considering those options before making a decision.

It is a really good idea to organise everything long in advance of moving home from your retirement in Europe. The longer you have to plan, the more likely you are to have organised everything that you need to. Before long you’ll be enjoying your new life back in the UK, making memories with friends and family and embracing this brand new chapter.

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