Choose the right international moving company for your move to Brazil to ensure the safe arrival of your belongings and to help you have a hassle-free move.

Statistics show that many people feel that moving house is more stressful than having a child. The stress is pretty huge even when the move is local so when you’re moving from one country to another, you won’t be blamed for feeling even more overwhelmed with the whole process. One way to dramatically decrease the stress of the move is to hire an international moving company. They can handle the moving logistics, leaving you free to move from A to B and enjoy settling in to your new area in Brazil. It has to be the right company though, otherwise they can actually add to your stress. To help you choose the best international moving company for your needs, take a look at these tips:

Always Get Several Quotes

It can be tempting to choose the first company who seems to offer what you need; but getting several estimates means that you can compare prices and the different services on offer. That should help you to get an idea of additional costs and services, as well as a general baseline for the cost of your move. If you have very specific removals need, such as specialist objects, antiques or very valuable items, do get the company to visit your current home so they can provide a more accurate quote.

Check The Small Print

Checking the small print is always important when it comes to companies taking charge of the things that you own. When they are moving your treasured possessions from country to country, and through customs, it is even more important. What is their insurance policy? What happens if your belongings are held by customs? What happens if they are delayed? Check the smallprint and check that you trust the company to keep you informed every step of the way.

What Exactly is A To B?

Some movers will move you door to door, others will move you port to port or airport to airport and then help you arrange pickups either end with partner companies. Check what A to B really means and check the company you want to work with are fully experienced in working in those areas. This is one of the advantages of the service we provide here at Pack And Go. Our international moves are always available on a door-to-door basis so your move can be hassle-free.

What Have Previous Customers Got To Say?

If you have had a word of mouth recommendation then you will already know what some customers have to say about a particular company. Don’t be afraid to delve further into their reputation to see not only what people have to say, but how the company deal with criticism. The best companies take critical feedback in their stride and learn from it.

Finding a good international moving company by using the tips above will reduce the stress of your move to Brazil significantly. Before you know it, your things will be safely waiting for you whilst you’re free to settle in to your beautiful new local area.

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