Find out some of the best ways to make friends when you move to England, so you can settle in quicker to your new life.

If you have decided to take the plunge and move to England, developing a new network is really important. Loneliness is thought to be as harmful as smoking, so you need to prioritise making friends as soon as you’re settled in. The problem is, making friends when you move to a new job or area can be hard enough, let alone moving to an entirely new country. To help you make new friends and connections in England, here are 7 top tips to follow:

Choose To Make Friends

It sounds simple but, sometimes we need to mentally tell ourselves we are open to doing something new. Make a decision in your head to make friends and put effort into that task so it becomes a priority.

Get Out

Every day you should get out of the house, to avoid feeling isolated. Even a two minute conversation with the local grocer will boost your mood, and stop you getting stuck in a rut of staying at home day in day out.

Stay Happy & Healthy

A depressed, anxious, tired, unhappy person isn’t a person who wants to make friends. Take care of yourself first before you make friends. The happier and healthier you are, the more likely you are to attract the right tribe and to be able to sustain healthy relationships.

Form Connections Based On Hobbies

Your hobbies and interests are an easy way to make friends. Go and do what you love and easy conversations will come, especially if you attend meetups and groups dedicated to your hobby.

Get Chatting Online

Look up hashtags, meetup groups, forums and websites for the local area, and get chatting online. It is an easy way to make new connections that will hopefully lead to real life connections in the future.

Make The First Move

Make the first move as much as you can, to get connections started. Don’t be scared of not knowing enough about England, or of looking silly. At the very least you’ll have a funny story to tell, or a lesson to learn, and at most you might plant a little seed that starts a beautiful friendship.

Don’t Put Pressure On It

Try not to put pressure on each and every connection you make. This can actually hinder natural connections and cause you to push relationships that may not even be right for you. Instead, treasure each and every connection for what it is, even if it is brief. In addition, remain open to new situations and social opportunities so that you’ve a mindset of abundance, which again helps to nurture healthy connections, not pressured connections born of worry you’ll never make another friend.

Making friends in England isn’t easy when you’re new, but it will come, and you’ll have a wonderful new network of support soon enough. In the meantime, put yourself out there and enjoy making new connections wherever you can, to get a headstart in enjoying this brand new chapter of your life in the UK.

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