To help you learn Spanish for your big move to Spain, take a look at these 7 handy language learning apps.

Moving to Spain is a fantastic idea for many families and couples looking for a better quality of life. Seeing as nearly 60% of Spaniards cannot speak, write or read English, it makes sense to learn Spanish as part of your international move. This is especially important if you intend to work in Spain, or if you are moving to a rural area where it is likely that most of the locals only speak Spanish. You don’t need to pay for expensive Spanish lessons though. These 7 apps can help you learn Spanish from the comfort of your own home, or from wherever you are with your phone:


Duolingo makes learning Spanish fun and interactive with various types of exercises working to teach you Spanish easily. You speak back certain words, write some, and gradually learn sayings and sentences. The app is much more addictive than you might expect a language app to be.

Rosetta Stone

The full Rosetta Stone Spanish course comes at a cost but the demo is free. It is an immersive programme that works on a learning Spanish from Spanish format, rather than translating English to Spanish.



Memrise is all about memorising useful Spanish words and helps you learn about 15 words each session. It works using unique memory techniques to help you remember the words, with funny wording that makes lots of words very memorable. The creativity will appeal to those who find standard language learning apps boring.

Cat Spanish

Cat Spanish is a language learning app based on making you laugh to help you remember Spanish words. The cat theme is irrelevant, but a welcome novelty all the same. There are also lots of quizzes which make learning into a bit of a game, which is fun.


Studyblue is a language learning app that uses a flashcard style to help you learn Spanish. If you’ve learnt well using flashcards before then this could be the perfect app for you.


The demo for Busuu is free and enables you to get an understanding of the app and how it works. The style of learning is pretty traditional, but there are quizzes and you can access classes offline which is extremely handy for avoiding data usage whilst you’re learning on the go.

Google Translate

Google translate is a really great way to learn Spanish on the go. If you want to learn Spanish whilst you’re in Spain, immersed in the environment, you can use Google Translate to translate words you type, speak or even photograph.

If you are moving to Spain it is a great idea to learn Spanish either before or soon after you move so you have the best chance of integration. Remember, most people will be glad you’re trying to learn so don’t worry about being perfect right away. Soon enough, you’ll be speaking the lingo and getting involved in your new culture. Buena suerte!

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